Why does iron take itself so seriously? But it always matches its use, whether as a knife or a nail. In Naples people touch iron instead of touching wood for luck.

LABINAC makes iron shelf brackets, among other things, because Alves and Durham bought some stone remnants that are wonderful yet too narrow for making tabletops. They decided to make shelves, then needed brackets for the shelves.

Alves has designed stone-top tables with iron legs which echo the glitches in the stones.

Maria Thereza Alves, Untitled, wood, brass, 2022
Alves, Expansion Through Reduction, wood & steel, 2022
Jimmie Durahm, PINO (model 3), resin, bronze, steel, 2019
Jimmie Durahm, PINO (model 2), resin, bronze, steel, 2019
Jimmie Durahm, PINO (model 7), resin, bronze, steel, 2019
Jimmie Durham, Stone and Steel Shelf (pyramidal), steel and stone, 2018
Jimmie Durham, wood stone iron table, 2018
Maria Thereza Alves, Spiderchair, stainless steel, textile, 2019