2019 will soon be a strange memory. But there is more to the past than past….

Recently we visited an old oak tree we had known for years. It had fallen in a storm, though, and the ground around it was full of very small seedlings of new oak trees.

All of the acorns which had fallen around the tree which had not been dispersed by wind, birds or animals suddenly had sprouted. Before, in the shade of the old tree, they had had not enough light to activate and remained dormant, not dead.

We knew that maybe only one of them would make it to become the next great old tree. The others would not be gone and forgotten. They were becoming nourishment for other kinds of life.

Seeds can remain alive dormant for even hundreds of years, developing when conditions are right.

Seeds are hope with reason. A seed might be called preparation for a future, even if no one can imagine that future…