Verzweigung / Branching – architectural art competion New National Gallery – Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin

We are happy to publish our participation in an architectural art competition for New National Gallery – Museum of the 20th Century in 2022.

The competition was for a mobile outdoor object with interactive and gastronomical functionality (KIOSK).

The entry was designed in collaboration with Thilo Folkerts / 100land
and with the contribution  of Lion Schreiber and Zimmerei und Dachdeckerei Quappe.



Where a branch of a tree meets another, is where decisions are made to break off into different paths. A section of a fallen tree, part of a wood collection of decades. The sides are planed so that the complexities of the movements become more visible. Copper, wood, and glass emphasize those surfaces and processes. Scaled by twenty, they become a kiosk that celebrates the tree’s efforts and thinking . It is neither the geometric, formal perfection that informs this kiosk, nor a (crystalline) purity of materiality, but rather a merging of materials and their directions in facets. A space that is given rather than taken.

The kiosk is a space of hospitality. A folding hatch signalizes the state of openness and shelters those in communication with whoever is at the counter inside the kiosk, handing out drinks, coffee, some energy bar or nuts, or brochures, flyers, information. Two facets are made of glass. Behind them monitors might show video, images or text. A vitrine that is open to show many formats. The space can be separated interiorly by an opaque textile screen, that can be spanned from roof to floor. The kiosk is—inside and outside—a temporary project space.

The inside of the kiosk is fitted minimally for storage, appliances and work-surfaces.

The door is designed so that it can remain open for long periods (weather permitting) and contribute to the “open character” of the kiosk.