Our history, our development, is made by wood. Jimmie Durham has said that if this were not so much the anthropocene era it would be known as the era of trees. The tallest, broadest, oldest, most beautiful trees in earth’s history are alive today. We are symbiotic with trees. The variety of wood produced, from ebony to the sacred yews of Ireland and the olive wood of Greece, is proof that we are on the right planet even if we treat it like invaders.

Durham uses special woods such as old Chestnut wood from buildings in Naples hundreds of years old and newly fallen trees in Berlin, to make tables and benches.



Jone Kvie from Stavanger in Norway studied both sculpture and furniture design. His furniture is informed by his intelligence with forms and our understanding of material. He called his shelf for LABINAC, made of olive wood, aluminium, flint, plastic wedges, cement and iron The First Shelf.

Jone Kvie, “The First Shelf”, Olive wood, Flint, Aluminium, Plastic wedges, Concrete, and Iron, 2018.