LABINAC exhibits at MILANO DESIGN WEEK – Fuorisalone 2019

We are happy to announce that the deisgn collective LABINAC will participate in the Milano Design Week – Fuorisalone 2019 with designs by Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, Bev Koski, Jone Kvie, Elisa Strinna et. al.

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Via Sansovino 27
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and join us for an aperitivo on the 10th of April from 6-8 PM.



LABINAC comes to ITALY // LABINAC arriva in Italia

Press Release

Berlin, 2019/03/06

LABINAC comes to Italy

The design collective LABINAC, started in 2018 in Berlin by Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham, will participate in the Milano Design Week – Fuorisalone in Milan from April 8 through April 14 of this year.
Labinac will present furniture, lighting, jewelry and elements for interior design such as hand-blown glass vases.
The showroom is at the Rabotaroom on Via Sansovino 27 in Milan.
Alves and Durham traveled to Naples, Capua and Nola earlier in the year and found chestnut wood lumber hundreds of years old and broken sheets of exotic marbles. Marcello de Giudice and his family at the Nolana Foundry in Nola are producing benches and tables from these, following LABINAC’s designs.
LABINAC has commissioned design works by artists such as sculptural bracelets by Bev Koski from Thunderbay, Canada, hand-crafted porcelain lighting by Elisa Strinna from Padua, Italy and an olive wood shelf unit by Jone Kvie from Stavanger, Norway. The artist Trude Tortora of Naples has agreed to make special woven straps for some of Durham’s gold jewelry.
LABINAC is also showing from Brazil, ceramic works by Arupo Waura, a Wauja master ceramicist from Mato Grosso do Sul, hand-woven necklaces by the Huni Kuin weaver, Maria Rosilene Silva Pinheiro, stunning glass bead necklaces by the Kayapo and gourd bowls with geometric designs by the Tapirapé and Karaja.
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Berlino, 06/03/2019

LABINAC arriva in Italia

Il collettivo di design LABINAC, lanciato nel 2018 da Maria Thereza Alves e Jimmie Durham, parteciperà alla Milano Design Week – Fuorisalone che si terrà a Milano dall’ 8 al 14 Aprile di quest’anno.
LABINAC presenterà mobili, lampadari, gioielli ed elementi per l’arredamento di interni come vasi in vetro soffiato.
Il salone d’esposizione sarà nella Rabotaroom in Via Sansovino 27 a Milano.
Alves e Durham, durante un viaggio a Napoli, Capua e Nola all’inizio di quest’anno, hanno ritrovato del legno di castagno vecchio centinaia di anni e dei frammenti di lastre di marmo esotico. Marcello de Giudice e la sua famiglia, alla Fondazione Nolana a Nola, stanno attualmente producendo delle panche e dei tavoli da questi materiali, sulla base del design LABINAC.
LABINAC ha commissionato lavori di design ad artisti come Bev Koski di Thunderbay (Canada), che ha realizzato braccialetti scultorei, Elisa Strinna di Padova (Italia) che ha realizzato lampadari di porcellani fatti a mano e Jone Kvie di Stavanger (Norvegia) che ha realizzato delle mensole in legno di olivo. L’artista napoletana Trude Tortora ha accettato di realizzare degli speciali cinturini intrecciati per alcuni dei gioielli in oro della collezione Durham.
LABINAC metterà in mostra anche oggetti provenienti dal Brasile, lavori in ceramica di Arupo Waura, maestro ceramista Wauja da Mato Grosso do Sul, collane intrecciate a mano della tessitrice Huni Kuin, Maria Rosilene Silva Pinheiro, stupefacenti collane in perle di vetro di Kayapo e contenitori di cucurbitacea con decorazioni geometriche realizzate dai Tapirapè e Karaja.
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LABINAC Showroom – visit by appointment extended to the 10. January 2019

We are happy to announce that visiting the LABINAC showroom by appointment at Bülowstr. 56 is now possible until the 10. January 2019.

To schedule an appointment please contact us at

Visit to LABINAC showroom by appointment available

From 24. November until 20. December the LABINAC showroom can be visited.

Please contact us for an appointment at

LABINAC begins on 23rd of November

LABINAC opens Premiere Presentation of Designs // LABINAC designs on view for the first time.

On the 23rd of November more than 100 people attended the opening of LABINAC’s premiere presentation of designs.

Over 70 designs were on view. Besides vases, tables, chairs, benches, chandeliers and jewelry exclusively designed by Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham for LABINAC, furniture and jewelry by Elisa Strinna from Italy, Jone Kvie from Norway and Bev Koski from Thunder Bay, Canada are displayed. For the first time on view in Europe are also hand-woven bags-necklaces by Maria Rosilene Silva Pinheiro of the Huni Kuin in Acre, which were commissioned especially for LABINAC, and ceramics by Arupo Waura from Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, a Wauja master ceramicist, and necklaces by the Kayapo from Mato Grosso and Para in Brazil, who make stunning contemporary use of glass beads.

The showroom can be visited by appointment until the 20th of December. Please contact us at




Two artists start design company

Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham started a design company.

Named LABINAC by Alves, it is based in Berlin, where the couple live. ‘The Earth is more than our daily schemes’, Alves said, ‘The aesthetic life is a life worth living.’

LABINAC is conceived as a design collective, and artists such as Elisa Strinna from Italy, Jone Kvie from Norway and Bev Koski from Thunder Bay, Canada, are also invited to produce works.

The company will make furniture, light fixtures, jewellery, and vases and dishes from glass and ceramics.

An opening is planned for late November, in a space acquired for a month or so. After the opening private viewing will be by appointment. For the immediate future there will be no permanent location or ‘store’.

Tables, chairs and benches made of metal, wood, bone and discarded stone will be displayed. Jewellery made of gold, electronic parts and glass will also be available, and light fixtures made from broken glass and metal. Durham has said that he likes the energy of broken glass. He uses it as well as small elements of older works from Murano to construct chandeliers and other fixtures.

Alves, on the other hand, makes large vases using the natural, slightly wild shapes that she forms in the blowing of glass directly. She designed a ‘Spider Chair’ in Naples where prototypes were handmade by her and an ironworker recently immigrated from Libya. Alves has also designed incidental tables in Berlin, using steel and stone from a stone yard near their studio.

Durham likes to combine unusual materials such as bone (cow and horse bone sourced from industrial suppliers), natural wood and old furniture parts, cut stone that is unusable for other purposes. But Durham also appreciates more traditional material: ‘I made wedding rings for two friends in the 60s and got hooked on the idea of gold, but the stuff inside electronic devices is even more magic’, he said.

Alves has brought back from Brazil ceramics and beadwork that she says is far beyond what is normally available. Such as the bowls made by Arupo Waura from the Wauja peoples of Mato Grosso. Bags by Maria Rosilene Silva Pinheiro of the Huni Kuin peoples in Acre were commissioned especially for LABINAC. Sales from these will provide financial assistance to indigenous students. A few hundred Euros can begin to change history amoung Brazil’s indigenous peoples’, she stated.

Kai-Morten Vollmer started LABINAC with Alves and Durham and can be contacted at

Alves and Durham have lived together in Mexico, New York, Marseille, Brussels, Rome, Naples and Berlin. They have made their own furniture and work areas in each place over a forty-year period.

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